British busty wife shares the skinny guy next door

Claire and Michelle are hanging out with their friend Sam when they all decided that maybe it’s a good time to have a tit party. Claire and Michelle can’t seem to keep their hands off of each other while they sit there in their tight, black clothes. Sam just sits back and enjoys the view until they both start to pull out each other’s tits and play with them. Claire has hers out in full view and he moves in to suck her nipples right into his mouth. Michelle follows suit and they’re both soon showing her tits all of the attention that they’ve ever wanted.

That’s when it’s time for Michelle’s tits to come out. Sam and Claire immediately attack them with their mouths and hands. They make sure to massage them for as long as they possibly can. Claire enjoys it so much that she can’t stop herself from stripping down to her lingerie to let her entire body have some fun. She stands up and lets the both of them do whatever they feel like to her. Michelle goes to work on her pussy with her hand while Sam sticks to her nipples until she cums right there. They ain’t even started. They take his cock in their mouth and give him a great blowjob! Continue reading “British busty wife shares the skinny guy next door”